Featured Discount Cruise: Mediterranean

Spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, historical attractions, tasty cuisine and diverse culture.

For many travellers, a discount cruise is the trip of a lifetime no matter if they have chosen to cruise to the Caribbean, breathtaking Pacific Islands, the greatest gems of the Mediterranean or somewhere more exotic like Asia or South America, or even Antarctica. And it isn’t just because of the many spectacular places they visit along the way but also because the operators and crew members make sure that there is something for just about everyone round the clock.

The Usual Activities

While excursions to the shore are the prime attraction, the passengers aboard discount ships also enjoy a wealth of on-board activities virtually 24/7. These are organised according to the preferences of the passengers. Therefore, the programmes depend greatly on whether the passengers are mostly made up from families with young children or senior couples.

For example, discount cruises with families accounting for the majority of passengers offer a variety of special children’s activities and entertainment programmes from fun at the pool to handmade crafts and even foreign language classes. But they also include activities for their parents either in the form of programmes for the entire family or entertainment just for the adults such as evening dances, concerts, etc. And to make the experience complete, the usual activities also include family centred shore excursions that offer an adventure for all ages.

Deluxe Amenities Offering Relaxation and Recreation Round the Clock

Discount cruise passengers can also enjoy a variety of on-board amenities which are at their disposal 24/7. Besides pool deck which is a standard feature of all deluxe vessels, there are also duty free shops, casinos, cocktail bars, beauty salons, spas, gyms, fitness centres, libraries and much, much more. There are countless relaxation and recreation opportunities round the clock. Also, discount cruises that are centred on families also feature childcare facilities, allowing their parents to have some time for themselves and enjoy the hard earned vacation while their children are having with their new friends.

Memorable Experience Guaranteed!

Everything is taken care of aboard a discount ship. While cruising to some of the most spectacular places in the world, the passengers can relax or recreate themselves at a myriad of on-board amenities or/and take part of the many activities offering fun, entertainment and excitement for all ages.