Featured Discount Cruise: Mediterranean

Spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, historical attractions, tasty cuisine and diverse culture.

Does cruise destination impacts the price? Absolutely. There’s a big difference if you take a cruise to Antarctica or Mediterranean. While the latter is within the reach of most Europeans, only a few can afford to cruise to Antarctica. This is because:

Home port cruising is always less expensive.

One of the best things about cruising is that everything is included; accommodation, food, on-board entertainment and facilities, and transportation between the destinations. But transportation to the departure port typically isn’t included. For that reason, the total cost of a cruise to Caribbean can be double as much the cost of a cruise to the Mediterranean, especially if you live within a driving distance to the departure port because you don’t have to pay an air fare and possibly also a hotel. If you’re looking for inexpensive cruises, it is therefore worth considering home port cruises and postpone far-away destinations for later.

The more exotic the destination/itinerary the higher the price.

The price doesn’t only depend on the distance from the departure port. It also depends greatly on the cruise destination/itinerary. Generally, the more exotic the destination/itinerary the higher the price. This is because there are typically fewer cruise ships which automatically translates into lower competition between cruise operators And when the competition is low, they can maintain higher prices than cruise ships operating on the most popular itineraries.

Want the Pricier Destination Anyway?

Just because your dream cruise destination is on the other continent or more exotic, that shouldn’t discourage you from taking it. There are many ways to get a bargain from booking early to last minute deals, cruising off-season, choosing a lower category cabin, taking a shorter cruise, … But it’s highly important to keep in mind that a low price doesn’t necessarily indicate a bargain.

Be Sure to Pay Attention to All the Costs

Now that you know how cruise destination impacts the price, be sure to pay attention to all the costs if you don’t want to spend more than you can afford. First, be sure to inform yourself about what’s included in the price. Add the extra costs to the cost of the package and ask yourself does it fit your budget? Then, add the cost of a flight and pre-cruise accommodation. The last but not the least important, be sure to count in the cost of shore excursions and a few hundred pounds for entrance fees, souvenirs and unexpected costs. That way you will get a fairly good idea about the total cost of the desired cruise.