Featured Discount Cruise: Mediterranean

Spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, historical attractions, tasty cuisine and diverse culture.

It’s always a good idea to check out reviews. They can save you a lot of stress and a considerable sum of money too when it comes to just about everything. And cruises are no exception. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily check out the former passengers’ opinions and experience with the service, cabins, facilities, itinerary … just about everything you need to know to determine whether a particular cruise is a good choice or not. But before you make your final decision, you should be aware that:

For some reason, people are more likely to share bad than positive experiences.

From thousand of satisfied travellers, fewer than half will take the time to share their experience and impressions from their trip. They will tell their family members and friends that they had a great time but they won’t go on the Internet and provide a detailed description of what they liked and what could have been better. Of two hundred unsatisfied travellers, close to 70 percent or even more will make sure that everyone finds out about their dissatisfaction. As a result, reviews are not always showing the whole picture.

Some negative reviews are unjustified.

Many people, especially the ‘first-timers’ expect nothing but luxury when boarding a cruise ship. But the truth is that not all cruise ships are luxury. Some are more beautifully decorated than others, have more facilities and amenities, more staff per passenger, … In short, not all cruise ships are the same. As a result, many people are disappointed but their disappointment isn’t always justified. Also, some people tend to ignore all the positive things (and there are usually more than the negative ones), emphasising only the things they didn’t like.

There should be a particular number of reviews to be reliable.

Some cruise ships can fit 3,000 passengers or more. Therefore, you can’t really rely on a few dozen reviews.

Reviews may no longer be relevant.

In addition to the number of reviews, you should also pay attention to the date they were posted. Why? Because if posted several years ago, you’re not getting an insight into the real-time passengers’ experience but the experience from years ago. In the meanwhile, the cruise may have significantly got better or but it might also got worse.