Featured Discount Cruise: Mediterranean

Spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, historical attractions, tasty cuisine and diverse culture.

Cruises are getting increasingly popular with families and cruise lines are putting a lot of effort into making cruising aboard their ships as enjoyable as possible for the youngest passengers (and of course, their parents). There are many good reasons why it’s worth considering taking your children to a cruise.

You can relax and get some time for yourself, while your children are having fun at the many on-board activities and entertainment programmes for kids-only. Then, you can visit all the places you have always dreamt of visiting without packing and unpacking every time you change location. The last but not the least important, most of the things are included in the cruise fare, allowing you to go on holidays with style without spending a little fortune. But before you get too excited and book a cruise, you are recommended to:

Pay attention to the minimum age policy.

Most cruise liners are happy to accept even the youngest passengers but keep in mind that some, including those that target families with young children, may have a minimum age requirement. Cruise lines that are most popular with families usually have a minimum age requirement of 12 weeks but some require for children to be at least 6 months old. Then, they may also have a minimum age requirement for on-board activities and access to facilities. So if one or more of your children is very young, you are highly recommended to inform yourself about the minimum age policies if you want your children to have a great time.

Pay close attention to what’s included in the price.

Children are very demanding travellers and besides requiring non-stop attention and entertainment, they also tend to be hungry and thirsty all the time. Thus it is good to know that snacks, ice cream, water and juices/ice tea are included. Normally they are but you are advised to ask anyway because if they aren’t, you can spend a lot of money just to keep your children satisfied.

Talk to your children.

While most children love to travel, some get uneasy or upset by the end of the first day and demand to go home. To prevent the cruise from turning into a frustrating experience for your children (and yourself!), you are recommended to talk to your children in advance and tell them everything about the cruise. That way they will know exactly what to expect and are more likely to enjoy the cruise.