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Cruising and the Most Common ‘Beginners’ Mistakes

For many people, going on a cruise is a trip of a lifetime. For some, however, what is supposed to be an unforgettable experience is a major disappointment. And in most cases, it’s disappointment because they made the wrong choices or had unrealistic expectations. In order to help you make your first cruise nothing but pure pleasure and enjoyment, we have made a list of the most common ‘beginners’ mistakes which can severely affect the overall experience.

– Assuming that all cruise ships are ‘luxury’. This is probably closely related to the fact that cruises in the past were mostly limited to the upper classes. But over the years, things have changed dramatically and cruise operators lowered the prices dramatically to make cruises attractive and accessible to the general population as well. To make profits, however, they had to cut back a little bit on the luxury aspect. So if you expect to sail like the rich and famous, you will probably be disappointed.

- Not paying enough attention to the itinerary. Another common ‘beginners’ mistake is not paying enough attention to the itinerary. They simply book a cruise to the Mediterranean, Caribbean or other desired destination without paying enough attention to the itinerary. As a result, they may not visit all the places they have aspired to when booking the cruise.

- Spending a lot of money on ‘cruise clothing’. It is highly important to be dressed ‘cruise appropriately’ to feel comfortable and ‘fit in’. While some cruises have a very strict dress code, most are very relaxed and ‘liberal’ when it comes to clothing. So if you plan to go sailing by a ship without any specific dress code, you don’t need to spend a little fortune on ‘cruise clothing’.

- Ignoring the importance of choosing the right cabin. Even the most luxurious ships have several different categories of cabins, including inner cabins without a window. Then there are cabins that offer an ocean view but while some have generously sized windows or/and private balconies, others have only a small porthole.

– Focusing on the price. It is of utmost importance to choose a cruise that fits your budget but focusing on the price alone can be a very costly mistake. Rather than how much you’ll pay, focus on what’s included in the price because if you’ll be charged extra for most of the things, you will end up spending much more than you would by selecting a pricier but all-inclusive package.