Featured Discount Cruise: Mediterranean

Spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, historical attractions, tasty cuisine and diverse culture.


The Mediterranean stretches over the coasts of European, North African and the Middle Eastern countries from the Strait of Gibraltar in the west to the Dardanelles and the Suez Canal in the east. Renowned for its spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, historical attractions, tasty cuisine and diverse culture, the Mediterranean is the most visited region in the world. And one of the best ways to experience its beauty and diversity is to take a discount cruise that includes trips to the region’s greatest gems.

Everything or Only the Finest of Eastern, Western or Central Mediterranean

Travellers who want to experience the region’s diversity will enjoy a cruise around the Mediterranean as it provides a unique opportunity to visit the greatest gems of Eastern, Western and Central Mediterranean within a few days: Venice, Athens, Istanbul, Alexandria, Valletta, Naples, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, …

The routes vary greatly from one discount cruise operator to another and since most cruises foresee 7 to 21 day tours, cruises around the Mediterranean are especially popular with travellers who have never been to the region before. The passengers may not be able to see and experience everything the region has to offer but they are provided with an outstanding insight into the region’s diversity, beautiful coast and vibrant history.

Also worth considering are cruises with a focus on Eastern, Western or Central Mediterranean. Their routes are obviously shorter but they involve more coastal trips, enabling the passengers to get a better insight into history, culture and geography of a particular part of the Mediterranean.

Again, routes vary greatly from one cruise operator to another. Generally, however, the passengers have the opportunity to visit all the most spectacular places along the way:

Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt). Athens and the breathtaking Greek islands are included in every discount cruise around Eastern Mediterranean. And so is Istanbul, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Alexandria and other spectacular places along the Eastern Mediterranean coast.

Western Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Algeria and Morocco). Most cruises around Western Mediterranean focus on the European part and the beautiful coastal cities of Spain, France, Italy and Malta.

Central Mediterranean (eastern coast of Italy, Adriatic Sea countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania, Tunisia and Libya). Cruises to Central Mediterranean usually focus on the countries at the Adriatic Sea but the routes may also include a trip to Tunisia.