Featured Discount Cruise: Mediterranean

Spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, historical attractions, tasty cuisine and diverse culture.

When planning holidays, many people tend to ignore discount cruises, erroneously thinking that these are intended only for the well off travellers. We are not claiming that discount cruises are cheap but they are not that expensive as many people mistakenly believe. And when all the costs are summed up, cruising aboard a discount ship is actually comparable to the conventional travelling.

Shift of the Discount Cruise Industry from the Upper Class Customer Base

Discount cruises used to be very expensive and their prices out of reach to all with the exception of a small number of the upper class travellers. However, things have changed dramatically over the recent years and the industry is no longer targeting only the super rich. This is partly due to the increased competition and partly due to the efforts of the industry to make travelling aboard discount ships more attractive to a wider customer base. As a result, the prices fell dramatically. In fact, the prices have fallen to the level that discount cruises are now within the reach of most travellers including the young and families.

Calculating All the Costs

The widespread misconception that discount cruises are unaffordable isn’t only related to the former focus of the industry on the upper class travellers. It is also related to the fact that many people think of holiday costs in terms of accommodation and transportation rather than the overall cost which also includes food and drink, entertainment, various activities, etc. And these add up a considerable amount to the cost, especially if you are travelling with kids who are always hungry, thirsty and want to you to buy this and that at virtually every step. When it comes to discount cruises, everything is included – the food, drink, snacks, entertainment and activities on board, various facilities, amenities, … The only extra cost are excursions to the shore. When calculating all the costs, discount cruises are not that expensive at all.

How Much?

The prices of discount cruises vary greatly from one operator to another but they also vary greatly between different destinations. Likewise, how much you will pay also depends on the timing. Just like the conventional holidays, discount cruises are much more affordable in the off-peak season. If you want to get more for less, it may also be worth considering last minute deals. But please remember that more and more holidaymakers wait for the last minute deals, so make your reservations immediately when you come across a great deal because they usually sell out in a matter of minutes.