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The Traps and Pitfalls of ‘Special Deals’

Price-conscious travellers don’t book immediately. Instead, they search or look for special deals, enabling them to get the same package for a lower price. Unfortunately, special deals aren’t always what they seem no matter if you are travelling the conventional way or aboard a cruise ship. You are recommended to keep in mind that:

- Travelling off-season is not that enjoyable. While a growing number of people are taking a cruise off-season, the majority still prefer to travel during high season even though the prices are much higher. This is because travelling off-season is not that enjoyable. First, many things/places operate only during high season and second, you are more likely to have bad weather. In short, you may or may not experience as much as you would by taking a cruise during high season.

- Special deals may not be ‘special’ at all. Found a generous discount? Before you get too exited, check the prices of other travel agencies/cruise operators. Sometimes the price before the ‘discount’ isn’t the actual price but the normal price plus the amount of discount. It’s just a marketing trick to make you believe that you are getting a great deal. But in reality, you aren’t.

- There may be hidden fees. Another trick that is used by agencies is to charge just the basic services such as accommodation, food and use of on-board facilities. But there are other costs as well – transportation to the port, port fees and taxes, insurance, … So before you book a cruise, be sure to ask what’s included in the price.

– Extremely low prices usually indicate an inner cabin. There is a big difference if you’re getting an inner or outer cabin. So when you come across a great price, be sure to pay attention to what you are getting. If the price is much lower than what you have found elsewhere, there’s a great chance that you’ll be getting a cabin without a window next to a hallway with lots of traffic or/and far from lifts.

- Last minute bookings can be stressful. By waiting for last minute deals, you can save a great deal of money. But keep in mind that a lot of people are waiting to get a last minute deal. And with just a few cabins left, this means that you may not be able to book the one you like or what’s even worse, all the available spaces may be sold out in a matter of minutes.