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The Truth About Last Minute Deals

In the recent years, a growing number of travellers are waiting for the last minute deals no matter if travelling the conventional way or sailing aboard a luxury cruise. This is because travel agencies and in our case, cruise operators, reduce the prices of the last spaces available dramatically. It’s better for them to get at least something than nothing at all. Waiting for the last minute deals can thus get you a cruise fare at a much lower price you would pay by booking early which, by the way, is also a good idea to get a better price for your dream cruise. However, last minute deals have their drawbacks as well. So if you’re considering to wait to book a cruise, keep in mind that:

– The choice of cabins is limited. Last minute deals are all about selling the last cabins left. Obviously, this limits the options available. And according to many travellers, the options available typically mean cabins that no one wanted either due to their location, type or cost. In other words, there is a high chance that you will have the ability to choose between suites (which are quite expensive at a discounted price as well) and inner cabins without a window. In addition, they are highly likely to be located far from lifts or/and adjacent to high traffic hallways which means that you might have difficulties falling asleep and be woken up early in the morning by the passengers walking by.

– The air fare can eat away all the savings. If you’ll need to fly to the departure port, you’ll obviously need an flight ticket and probably a hotel too. While the prices of cruise packages are falling as the departure date is approaching, it is the other way around with air fares. The close the departure date, the higher the price. In fact, you can be charged twice or even three times as much as passengers who booked their flights early in advance.

- Last minute arrangements can cause a lot of stress. Since only a limited number of packages are offered in the form of last minute deals, you first, need to be on the ‘watch’ the whole time to make sure that they are not sold out. And secondly, you need to make a decision quickly. So if you’re not used to reserving your holidays under pressure, last minute arrangements will probably put you under a lot of stress.